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odyo DMF kit consists of the flywheel, clutch cover, clutch disc and the mechanical or hydraulic releaser depending on the application.


Only DMF

A completely new and better design of dual mass flywheel is here. odyo DMF's superior vibration damping and durability stands out against the competition. Available as it is too.


Turn Key Solution

odyo DMF kits come along with all the critical components necessary.


Dual Mass Flywheel


Experts in torsional vibrational damping

odyo provides efficient dual mass flywheels to meet the requirements of different powertrains. The DMF is made for different power levels as required. Even for very demanding applications the DMF shows a robust performance.


  • Less noise

  • Easy shift

  • Outstanding vibration damping throughout the entire rpm range

  • Easily adjusted to vehicle designs

  • Smooth start/stop performance

  • Long service life

  • Smaller dimensions

  • Applicable on both pull and push-type clutches

  • Reduced fuel consumption due to lower rpm levels during idle stage


The task

Passenger car engines with optimized fuel-consumption levels are becoming ever more powerful despite smaller displacements and fewer cylinders. To drive on less fuel, the engine's usable rpm range has been shifted toward the idling range. This has led to a marked rise in rotational irregularities in the combustion engine. To continue to provide rumble-free driving and to protect the powertrain from harmfull vibrations, effective vibrational damping is needed.


The technology

The dual mass flywheel is installed between the engine and the transmission along with the clutch cover and clutch disc. The DMF consist of a primary and a scondary mass, which are connected by a lubrictated spring set. The primary mass is bolted to the crankshaft and carries the starter ring gear. The primary and secondary masses are mounted such that they can rotate independently. The spring set has a modular design, which allows characteristic curves to be varied and optimized. 

Driving comfort with the dual-mass flywheel. A benchmark product with convincing benefits like lowering vibration and noise paired with lower fuel consumption and better shift comfort, even at low engine speeds.

odyo DMF improves comfort compared to a conventional Dual Mass Flywheel.

It provides excellent filtering at very low rpm on downspeeded engines and can be used in new turbo gasoline or diesel engines.